Caustic soda evaporation

Alfa Laval provides complete, compact and energy-efficient caustic evaporation systems. Its special concept, with low operation temperatures and corrosion-resistant design, means longer equipment lifetime and a higher level of plant reliability.

Caustic soda production

On the pulse of caustic soda evaporation

Alfa Laval caustic evaporation systems provide the most energy-efficient solution for cell room concentrations of caustic solution to commercial concentrations of 50%.

Compact and highly efficient, our AlfaVap evaporators, AlfaCond condensers and preheaters work together as double-, triple- and quadruple-effect systems to create the most energy-efficient plants. Our space-saving designs require less space than conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Two floors can handle the same processes of a typical four-floor design. This significantly reduces installation costs.

Flexible, energy-efficient caustic evaporation systems

Modular design makes increasing the evaporation capacity of Alfa Laval systems easy. Due to their lower height, our systems use less electricity and have lower process temperatures than conventional evaporator systems and thereby provide significant energy savings. The lower process temperatures reduce corrosion rates, minimize corrosion products in the caustic and lengthen equipment life. Reduced liquid hold-up volumes also translate into faster startup and shutdown, slashing costly downtime.

Optimize processes with triple- or quadruple-effect systems

Choosing an Alfa Laval triple-effect evaporator system generally offers the best cost/performance ratio. However,in areas where steam and electricity costs are low, selecting our double-effect system offers lower installation costs and good operating economy. In other areas – especially where the steam cost is high, selecting a quadruple-effect evaporator system can be attractivve, offering siginifcant savings in steam and fast payback time to justfy the additional investment.

Flexible scope of supply

Alfa Laval has the expertise, global presence and services to design and build complete caustic evaporation plants, either as packaged units complete with instrumentation or as skid-mounted units.

Customers who have their own in-house engineering and specialty contracting capabilities rely on Alfa Laval for basic engineering and core evaporation equipment with guaranteed availability and performance. Customers without these capabilities in-house can turn to Alfa Laval for individually tailored solutions.

Akzo Nobel steps ahead with new technology for caustic evaporation

Akzo Nobel steps ahead with new technology for caustic evaporationWhen Akzo Nobel invested in a new plant to concentrate caustic soda, it decided in favor of a solution with plate evaporators resulting in substantial savings in installation and maintenance costs.

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