Sugar production

Sugar production and refining involve the continual transfer of heat to and from the different juice flows – from the first juice to the final molasses. The financial viability of sugar production depends on energy costs. Maximize product quality, minimize operating costs and improve sustainability metrics with Alfa Laval's heat exchangers, evaporation systems and separation equipment.

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Process knowledge

Alfa Laval has more than 40 years’ experience in meeting the needs of the sugar industry, and on all aspects of heat transfer and recovery.

Advanced heat exchangers and process know-how

Installing Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers is a highly effective way to reduce energy consumption in your sugar plant. We have units for a range of heating and cooling duties, including WideGap plate heat exchangers for sugar juices containing fibres, standard plate heat exchangers for clarified juice, remelts, syrups and molasses, AlfaVap evaporators and AlfaCond condensers.

Although the Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers used in sugar applications are much smaller than shell-and-tube units, their thermal efficiency is 200–300% greater. The financial benefits therefore multiply from campaign to campaign.

Other equipment we provide for the sugar industry includes energy-efficient decanter centrifuges and rotary lobe pumps.