Milk and cream processing

New Zealand is one of the most profitable dairy farming sectors and lowest cost producers globally. NZ dairy farmers continue to innovate to stay at the forefront of global trends and optimise production. The modern dairy farmer achieves farm productivity and profitability while looking to reduce water and resources consumption. Building on more than 130 years’ heritage in dairy, Alfa Laval is a trusted partner for dairy farmers in New Zealand and around the world.




Cut energy bills with heat exchangers

Alfa Laval market leading line of hygienic heat exchangers is ideally suited for dairy farmers to cool milk and recover and re-use that heat. The plates inside heat exchangers transfer the heat from the raw milk to another liquid medium (for example well water). Also called plate coolers in the dairy industry, heat exchangers are one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy consumption while ensuring the highest product quality.


Cleaning blitz for your vat

Alfa Laval offers you everything you need to keep your vat tanks in top shape and minimise downtime. Replacing static spray balls with newer rotary spray heads is a proven method to reduce water and CIP chemicals and achieve faster tank turnarounds. Alfa Laval TJ rotary spray heads are suitable for tanks from 15 to 500 m3.


How to optimize Cleaning in Place for water and energy savings

Most companies are looking for a reduction in energy use and water consumption but solutions are often costly and will actually increase the plant’s overall energy usage. Before looking at larger investments in wastewater treatment, optimizing essential CIP technologies is a proven way to increase profitability and sustainability in your processing plant.


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Alfa Laval brochures with hygienic equipmentFind the information you need about our equipment for hygienic use.

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Water is used to flush and rinse tanks during cleaning

Optimise your tank cleaning

Regular tank cleaning is critical to product integrity, productivity and profitability for food, dairy and beverage producers. Learn more about tank cleaning and CIP best practice.