Seed oil processing

Alfa Laval supplies seed oil processing operations throughout the world with a comprehensive selection of heat transfer equipment. Putting thermal energy to the most efficient use cuts down on operating costs. It also improves the environmental profile of any seed oil operation by reducing direct emissions as well as indirect CO2-equivalents.

Seed oil processing

Clear thinking

Processing seed oil for commercial use usually involves either chemical refining or physical refining.

All fats and oils contain gums or gum-like material. These have to be removed, because they tend to result in problematic emulsions that cause significant oil losses.

The SoftColumn advantage

Seed oil processing operations are also showing increasing interest in the breakthrough Alfa Laval SoftColumn continuous deodorization technology. This uses a patented breakthrough in applying thin-film technology to remove volatiles that affect the flavour, odour and stability of edible oils.

These have a higher vapour pressure than the oil itself. A SoftColumn installation is therefore able to remove these impurities at lower temperatures and using less steam than any other technology currently available.