Chemical pulp mill

Chemical pulping processes are heat-intensive and require smart heat recovery and chemical reuse to reduce costs and environmental impact. Alfa Laval’s expert knowledge and broad range of equipment, solutions and services contribute to greater recovery of energy and chemicals, increased production efficiency and minimal downtime.

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Increasing efficiency at chemical
pulp mills

Every pulp mill is unique, and the challenges facing mill operators are many. Mill operators must find ways to remain profitable despite increasing labour, chemical and energy costs while ensuring mill productivity.

Getting the most out of raw materials using less energy, water and chemicals while ensuring pulp quality requires process knowledge as well as the right technologies, equipment and services. Alfa Laval can help chemical pulp mill operators optimize their processes and extend equipment performance.

Improving energy efficiency

Energy accounts for up to 30 percent of the mill production costs. So it comes as no surprise that energy-intensive mills must focus on energy efficiency. Alfa Laval offers a broad range of solutions to optimize the use of energy at pulp mills. These improve quality, productivity and reliability while delivering savings to the bottom line.

Steam and condensate systems are critical in maximizing productivity and minimizing energy consumption. Compact, efficient and highly reliable, Alfa Laval heat exchangers are widely used throughout these systems. To meet your requirements for these high-temperature and/or high-pressure applications, Alfa Laval provides a wide range of heavy-duty heat exchangers, including gasketed, semi-welded and fully welded designs.

Easy handling of fibrous process fluids

Alfa Laval heat transfer, separation and fluids handling equipment handles process fluids containing fibres and other solids with ease while providing high thermal efficiency and maximum heat recovery. Other benefits include low installation, operation and maintenance costs as well as complete access to both sides of the plates to ensure easy yet thorough cleaning, should this prove necessary.

Maximizing electricity production

The overall profitability of pulp mills depends largely upon the continuous output of its cogeneration plant. Maximizing electricity production is a critical factor to mill productivity and profitability. To ensure zero downtime, Alfa Laval provides exceptionally reliable and efficient equipment, including state-of-the-art power and recovery boiler technology to help generate the energy required. Our compact heat exchangers, for instance, provide a space-saving, reliable and resilient alternative to bulky shell-and-tubes.

Condensate heat recovery, feedwater pre-heating, main condenser and turbine oil cleaning and cooling pose unique challenges as well. Whether your plant uses a recovery boiler, black liquor evaporation and/or waste wood residue incineration, Alfa Laval’s expertise, equipment and solutions can optimize your processes and boost your bottom line.

Efficient wastewater treatment

Processing large volumes of wastewater and residual sludge waste poses challenges for many mills. Alfa Laval offers a complete spectrum of wastewater equipment helps minimize environmental impact and maximize energy savings. Water line applications include MBR, SBR, heat exchangers and tertiary filtration using membranes or cloth media. For sludge line applications, Alfa Laval offers a full range of equipment for thickening and dewatering.

Customer achieves payback in under two-and-a-half months with compact heat exchanger

CompablocTo improve its plant efficiency and reduce operating costs, a pulp mill in Georgia, USA, decided to use an Alfa Laval Compabloc  welded heat to preheat its chlorine dioxide solution with waste heat from its bleach plant.

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Grow your pulp mill profits with more efficient separation

Alfa Laval offers pulp mills a wide range of solutions for extraction of by-products and recovery of process chemicals. Our separation equipment brings you benefits such as high yield, high product quality, low operating costs and compact installations.

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Boost profits - recycle your energy

Waste heat recoveryInvestments in waste heat recovery are often very profitable. Payback periods are typically less than a year.

Waste heat recovery

Industrial water and waste treatment

Industrial water and waste solutionsAlfa Laval offers a variety of solutions for on-site water and waste treatment plus recovery of water, heat and also products from your process.

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