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Blending modules

Alfa Laval blending modules are precise and accurate. Some of the modules also feature a carbonation system for beer and beverages.

Sistemas Carboset de Alfa Laval son sistemas de carbonatación de cerveza

Versatile brew blender range adaptable to different process requirements

  • Developed in co-operation with the brewing industry
  • Outstanding blending accuracy
  • Easy to install – automatic control ensures minimum of site work
  • Long uptimes owing to sanitary and compact design with low maintenance requirements
  • Stable and reliable operation with no risk of bubble formations
The Alfa Laval versatile blending modules are developed in co-operation with the brewing industry to ensure efficiency and precision. The blending modules are design to meet your brewery’s unique aims, ambitions and requirements.

Our range for your applications:

Read more about the efficiency, practicality, applications and technical details of our range of blending modules and beer carbonators by clicking on the product name below.

For carbonation: Carboset

For dosing: Alfadose

For carbonation and blending: Carboblend

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