The Alfa Laval Thermolyser Core modules are specially designed to thermally deactivate spent brewer’s yeast by raising the yeast temperature above a pre-defined treatment threshold, and holding it at that exact temperature for the specified time.The deactivated yeast can then be used as an ingredient in other products, such as food supplements and animal feed, or safely disposed of safely.

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The Thermolyser module renders spent brewer’s yeast inactive by using a plate heat exchanger in tandem with a holding cell to heat the yeast in order to destroy the cell membranes.

 The incoming flow of cold yeast is heated to the target temperature for thermolysation in two steps, using a high-efficiency Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger. The yeast is first heated in the heat recovery section, where it circulates against already thermolysed yeast, and then in a heating section, in which circulating hot water is used to bring the yeast to the specified holding temperature.

 The module is can be configured for a wide range of capacities, from below 25 hl/h to over 100 hl/h, and can be outfitted with several options, including a longer thermolysation holding time, increased energy recovery, cooling of the thermolysed yeast, steam pressure regulation and valve position feedback, among others.