Food processing

Manufacturers of food, soy-based, oils and meat products count on Alfa Laval processing technologies to stay on the pulse of their markets. Whatever the food application, our food processing equipment, modules and complete processing lines enable the supply of products to consumers at competitive prices – while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and desired taste qualities.


Alfa Laval decanters are built for reliable and high performance solid-liquid separation in various food processing applications including food & beverage production, meat and fish and oil processing. Our products are carefully engineered to ensure optimal hygiene levels alongside more efficient cleaning processes.


Alfa Laval has a complete range of centrifugal separators to match the diverse industry demands. From beverage and dairy industrial centrifuges to solutions for starch, edible oil, protein and more, each model is carefully designed to provide an optimal fit for its application.

Hygienic Fluid Handling

Alfa Laval offers industry-leading hygienic fluid handling components and products for the most hygienic and efficient processing plants, ranging from pumps, valves and mixing equipment to advanced automation and instrumentation solutions.

Heat Treatment solutions

Alfa Laval provides a range of standardized heat treatment equipment to eliminate or reduce the number of live micro-organisms in a product thereby improving microbiological stability and increasing shelf life.

Product News

Alfa Laval continues to re-engineer and develop its extensive product range for customers to drive profitability with higher performance, better functionality and more uptime. Read more about our recent product launches and innovations:


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