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Based on unique knowledge from decades of experience supplying thermal solutions, Alfa Laval has been able to create a number of resources that you can utilize to facilitate your day-to-day work.

Our aim is to make sure you always have all the documentation you need. Please note that the materials featured here represent only a sample of the resources we can provide. Contact your local Alfa Laval sales representative today, and we will be happy to provide additional tools to help fit your specific needs.

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Get your BIM files

Building information modelling (BIM) files for Alfa Laval heat exchangers are available to download through Bimobject. Click here to access.

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Do you need 3D drawings?

Our heat exchanger experts can provide you 3D drawings to support any project need. For drawings of a specific product, please contact us.

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Tender specification sheets

The following documents offers flexibility to help you when creating specifications for your project. It makes it easy to include Alfa Laval heat exchangers in your project specifications. Simply copy and paste the information that is pertinent to your specific project, while removing any areas that are not relevant.

Best design practices

There are many best design practices for different applications offering benefits in terms of savings in money or time. We have put together a selection that throws light into parameters like plate corregation, turbulence, fouling and plate thickness for consideration when specifying.

Download Best design practices with features (English)

Download Best design practices with features (Turkish)

Heat transfer theory

To identify the right solution for a thermal duty in a particular application, it is important to take a number of thermodynamic parameters into account. We have put together a detailed brochure on “The theory behind heat transfer” to assist you and your customers in this process.

Download The theory behind heat transfer 

Product leaflets

Product leaflets - brazed

AC16 Product leaflet 2022-02-03 404,8 KB
AC18 Product leaflet 2021-08-20 401,93 KB
AC30EQ Product leaflet 2021-08-20 401,67 KB
AC40 Product leaflet 2018-01-18 590 kB
AC43 Product leaflet 2021-11-30 350,67 KB
AC65 Product leaflet 2022-07-11 324,45 KB
AC70 Product leaflet 2022-03-16 432,04 KB
AC72 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 316,06 KB
AC73 Product leaflet 2021-08-27 329,81 KB
AC74 Product leaflet 2024-06-14 357,84 KB
AC112 Product leaflet 2022-03-17 360,92 KB
AC220EQ Product leaflet 2022-02-03 372,24 KB
AC230 Product leaflet 2021-03-02 506,89 KB
AC230DQ Product leaflet 2022-10-21 586,8 KB
AC232 Product leaflet 2022-06-03 586,86 KB
AC240DQ Product leaflet 2022-05-24 462,4 KB
AC240EQ Product leaflet 2022-06-03 419,7 KB
AC500EQ Product leaflet 2021-03-02 473,44 KB
AC500DQ Product leaflet 2021-03-10 536,38 KB
AC502EQ Product leaflet 2022-02-03 368,96 KB
AC502 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 488,5 KB
AC540DQ Product leaflet 2021-11-30 549,47 KB
AC1000DQ Product leaflet 2021-08-20 443,77 KB
ACH73 Product leaflet 2021-08-27 329,81 KB
AXP10 Product leaflet 2022-07-11 372,39 KB
AXP14 Product leaflet 2022-07-11 378,74 KB
AXP27 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 392,62 KB
AXP52 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 374,98 KB
AXP82 Product leaflet 2024-06-14 327,12 KB
AXP112 Product leaflet 2023-04-13 450,58 KB
CB10 Product leaflet 2022-01-25 344,3 KB
CB11 Product leaflet 2022-01-25 398,13 KB
CB16 Product leaflet 2022-04-01 355,87 KB
CB18 Product leaflet 2022-01-25 380,33 KB
CB18DW Product leaflet 2021-08-30 335,26 KB
CB20 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 380,34 KB
CB24 Product leaflet 2022-11-21 319,57 KB
CB27XP Product leaflet 2022-10-21 446,44 KB
CB30 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 372,43 KB
CBXP52 Product leaflet 2022-01-25 379,96 KB
CB60 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 342,8 KB
CB62 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 359,86 KB
CB65 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 362,02 KB
CB110 Product leaflet 2022-12-16 374,14 KB
CB112 Product leaflet 2024-07-10 361,2 KB
CB200 Product leaflet 2023-04-13 392,25 KB
CB210 Product leaflet 2024-02-29 375,31 KB
CB300 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 390,63 KB
CB400 Product leaflet 2023-04-13 759,31 KB
CB410 Product leaflet 2024-02-29 799,55 KB
CB540 Product leaflet 2022-10-21 855,11 KB

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