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Minimize energy consumption in your brewery with Alfa Laval eMotion™

With an Alfa Laval Brew 701 eMotion™ beer centrifuge, you can cut your energy consumption for beer pre-clarification and polishing by up to 70% compared to traditional centrifuges. A centrifuge is usually one of the major consumers of energy in the cold block of a brewery. Alfa Laval’s innovative eMotion™ add-on for the Brew 701 centrifuge not only reduces the required power. It also minimizes cleaning and cooling requirements while reducing noise levels.

Reduced air friction: the magic of eMotion™

The bowl of a Brew 701 centrifuge has a periphery speed of more than 700 km/h (435 mph). At this speed, air friction is considerable, putting an equally considerable load on the electric motor.

The eMotion™ system reduces air pressure in the space between the centrifuge bowl and the frame casing to 0.1 bar. In this way, it practically eliminates air friction. The result is a drop in power consumption by 40% compared to an existing Brew 701 unit with Alfa Laval eDrive™. The reduced air friction also means that the centrifuge does not heat up as much as comparable units, minimizing cooling requirements.

Easier cleaning

The lower bowl temperature also improves hygiene and facilitates CIP cleaning since there is no burnt fouling that needs to be removed.

Improved worker safety

The lower surface temperature further reduces risk to operators. Workers will also benefit from the noise levels of a unit with eMotion™, which is substantially quieter than other types of brewery separators. 

The perfect complement to eDrive™

eMotion™ is available for Brew 701 centrifuges with the eDrive™ direct-drive motor system. The combination of eMotion™, eDrive™ and Alfa Laval’s Hermetic Design reduces power consumption by up to 70% compared to beer centrifuges on the market with comparable flow rates.


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